ESD approved shoes
in accordance with EN 61340
100% metal-free shoe
Work shoes O1
in accordance with EN ISO 20347
Very lightweight shoe
Safety shoes S1
in accordance with EN ISO 20345
Vegan shoe
Safety shoes S1P
in accordance with EN ISO 20345
DGUV standard 112-191
Suitable for Orthopedic insoles in accordance with DGUV standard 112-191
Metal-free toe cap BOA® closure system
for an easy fitting of the shoe
Slip resistance SRA
in accordance with EN 13287
Flexible anti-penetration: penetration-resistant, non-metallic midsole
Slip resistance SRC
in accordance with EN 13287
Highly flexible textile fabric, fits like a sock
Penetration protection metal-free IMPULSE.FOAM®
Anti-fatigue sole technology for maximal shock absorption, excellent stability and long-lasting comfort

ALBATROS® is one of the leading German brands for perfomance safety shoes. All ALBATROS® Products are designed and developed by an international team of PPE experts in German. For more than 40 years ALBATROS® has been constantly improving the quality, comfort, functionality and design of its Products - to support professionals during their work.

In compliance with the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 


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